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Tom appeared in the ABC Family show Greek, along with the other band members.The group performed as aband in several episodes of the show, and the song Our Time Now was used for commercials.He was helping his friend move to college in 1999 when somebody cut him off and had had to swerve the van, flipping over, and sending Tom flying out the window into the grassy midsection on the highway.He had a brace on for 3 months and had to learn to walk again. Since that accident, his songs have become more personal.He grew up in Santa Barbara, California and has an older brother and younger sister.

Light, sentimental and catchy, the song became a staple of FM radio and eventually sold over four million digital copies.

Tim sings Rhythm of Love, the giving tree, and Body Parts both on the most recent Plain White T's Album.

may not have worked out, two of its contestants still managed to find a happy ending!

In 2002, the band released another album with Fearless Records, Stop. Tom remained the lead singer, but Dave moved from drums to the lead guitarist, De'Mar Hamilton taking over the drums, and they were joined by Tim Lopez, the other guitarist and back-up vocals.

The final member was Mike Retondo, the bassist and back-up vocals.

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