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Their voices may sound well together, but that's because Rinto's voice is basically Rin's voice, except only lower! I don't understand how I find this weird and love lencest but, no. I've seen a good amount of people ship them but they just don't go together. People, think about the age difference and how it won't work out! I don't know why so many people don't ship them and I have no idea how a pairing like Miku x Kaito got more popular than them. I hate Meiko cause I hate brown haired woman, she have drunk habit. I mean yeah, Len would probably be scared of Tei's murderous instincts, but she DOES have some self control. And I always seem to imagine Meiko as Kaitos older sister.

But this is coming from a Haku x Luka fan so I'm a bit weird. It's as close to cannon as a Vocaloid ship can get. These two sing really well together, they were just made for each other! Miku x Kaito is not right because their voices don't go and people just pair the most popular girl with the hottest guy. She genuinely believes murder is wrong, she just sorta snaps sometimes. They look cute together You don't have to ship them but they are nowhere near disturbing! All couples are great in their own way, everyone just has a different opinion on who they like the best. She makes fun of him lightly at times but is somewhat nice to him. Hey this pairing isn't that bad their voices are great together and they look good together take this off the list!

And yeah, it's kinda gross that she masturbates to him in public, but that's better than her actually going out and raping him, isn't it? Go ahead with your options its GAKUPO x LUKA FOREVER WITH ME! Due to the song 'go Google it' but I feel like Luka would stay single and independent ;-; Honestly it's the worst ship in Vocaloid in my opinion. I don't get why so many people ship it- other than their song 'Go Google It,' I don't know of many reasons. Also, they look really nice together, don't you think?

I feel like it means she genuinely loves him enough that she won't force herself upon him. I don't agree too much with Gakupo x Luka because I don't think their voices are very nice together.

Which will never happen) I've already made this extremely long ..I definitely agree. like multiple people said they don't look good together. But aside from those two songs, their voices just don't mix.

Well, I was asked this question by my big brother, and I already know a few people's. And yes, Utau and Derivatives (Relatively Well-known ones) do count, because in my book, anything (of this sort) or anyone who have 3 or more original songs do count.

Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len , so many things wrong with this pair.*They look like twins. Both have the same length yellow hair, same eyes, same chest (sorry Rin), same face, similar clothes, almost everything! Why do people have to date each other to make it count? I don't know any twins who date each other and if anyone else does, I'm a little scared.

And that's been proven considering the fact that she's been sixteen since 2004. (Miku's voice needs to become a lot lower for them to sound good together. Something feels strange of off to me when I see people saying(for example) "I think Rana and Kaiko go together! Neru x Len People probably ship them cause their both yellowish which is a stupid reason but this is a good ship compared to a lot of the vocaloid pairings. They are even considered twins in some of their songs. And I sort of said this before, but Neru is supposed to be roughly seventeen (a year older than Miku) and Len is fourteen. But Neru is 17 and a tsundere, while Len is 14 and super energetic (and sometimes perverted butseriouslywhocaresamiright? Weren't Rin and Len supposed to be each other's counterparts? And of course there was "Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life" which literally broke the kawaii scale. Their voices blend nicely and they look like sweet budding lovers together.

Which will never happen) I've already made this ..I don't ship them because their voices don't go well together.(exceptions Canterella and Cendrillion) Kagamine Rin x Hatsune Mikuo ... It's REALLY frustrating how people ALWAYS make Neru look younger than him in fan art. ) Realistically, Neru would constantly be beating Len, whether he’s being a perv or not, and she’d never actually admit her feelings because of her tsundere nature. I don't know how disturbing I find this on a scale from 1-10 I mean, they're supposedly the same age and unless Krypton has made it official not siblings either. I get absolutely triggered when people ship Gumi x Len. Luka x Kaito I actually like this couple very much.

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Sure, the Vocaloids doesn't have official personalities but isn't the point of characters like Mikuo and Rinto to be just that, simply Miku and Rin of the opposite gender? Yes, they bave the same interests and stuff, but their looks throws me off. No, it's not right to have Rin date the male version of herself, it's not right. This is not as bad as Len Rin (that ship is worse..[sorry shipperz]) but it's just a big NONO! Haku and Len are like opposites, Haku has a depressing vibe while Len is just... SO NO, this shouldn't even qualify, it's not cute at all. I have no idea why people don't ship this and I have no clue on how Kaito x Miku got more popular than this ship! I seen enough but gakupo goes good with kaito I have no idea how the ship even came about! Rin's voice is so young and piercing compared to Gakupo's which is deep and calm. Their age gap which doesn't even exist because Gakupo has no age as of today, he could be 6 months old for all we know.2. VOCALOID isn't about looks, it is about an amazing products looks.3. It adds a balance, you should sort of listen to them. I don't agree too much with Gakupo x Luka because I don't think their voices are very nice together.

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