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For more information, including installation instructions, check out the Asterisk NOW page.DAHDI (Digium/Asterisk Hardware Device Interface) is the open source device interface technology used to control Digium and other legacy telephony interface cards.And because every deployment is different, it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to walk you through a real system upgrade.However, we can certainly point you in the right direction for the information you require in order to perform such an upgrade, thereby giving you the tools you need to be successful.You can then perform the migration more gradually, rather than doing a complete system upgrade instantly.Two parts of Asterisk should be thoroughly tested when performing an upgrade between major versions: the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) and the Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI).

Once a phone switch is in production, it is terribly disruptive for that system to be unavailable for nearly any length of time, and the upgrade of that phone system needs to be well thought-out, planned, and tested as much as possible prior to deployment.These files contain details on changes to syntax and other things to be aware of when upgrading between major versions.The files are broken into different sections that reference things such as dialplan syntax changes, channel driver syntax changes, functionality changes, and deprecation of functionality, with suggestions that you update your configuration files to use the new methods.A production Asterisk system should never be upgraded between major versions without first deploying it into a development environment where the existing configuration files can be tested and reviewed against new features and syntax changes between versions.For example, it may be that your dialplan relies on a deprecated command and should be updated to use a new command that contains more functionality, has a better code base, and will be updated on a more regular basis.

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