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Dryden went to his caravan and picked up a First World War revolver, strode back to the fence and drew the weapon on Mr Collinson, whose last words were to the TV crew: 'Can you get a shot of this gun?

'Dryden then fired at the fleeing crowd, hoping to get the council's solicitor, Mike Dunstan, but instead hitting TV reporter Tony Belmont in the arm and PC Stephen Campbell in the backside.

The letter had given Dryden the belief the council was breaking the law, even though there were no grounds for an appeal.

Harry Collinson came to the gate, looked at the letter and told him it contained nothing to prevent the demolition.

He said: 'Personally, I couldn't bloody care less what happens to Albert Dryden. I'll be very happy about that.'He never showed one bit of remorse in all the 26 years he has been in prison.'He still tried to justify his actions for some God-unknown reason.' He added: 'If the police had done their job properly, my brother wouldn't have been killed and Albert Dryden wouldn't have spent all this time in prison.'Mr Collinson was enforcing the demolition of Dryden's illegally-built bungalow when Dryden drew a First World War gun and shot him dead in front of local media on June 20, 1991.

As well as shooting 46-year-old Mr Collinson, he also wounded police officer Stephen Campbell in the buttock and reporter Tony Belmont in the arm.

He is a defenceless person.'Albert Dryden had ploughed his redundancy money into the one-acre plot of land, which he called Maryland Close, a few miles from the town of Consett.

Dryden built his bungalow in a hollow, because he wrongly thought he would not need planning permission, which the council refused to grant.

Speaking today he said: 'Personally, I couldn't bloody care less what happens to Albert Dryden. I'll be very happy about that.' A former steelworker, Dryden had previously been refused parole, because he had shown had no remorse.

Mr Collinson said he was shocked after two decades, Dryden was still trying to justify his reasons.

You are talking about 26 years ago that it happened.

He is in poor health and he is not going to recover and the prison authorities have decided he should be released.'He will be looked after in a residential care home.'He can't do any harm to anyone.

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He also hired a digger and scooped out more than 2,000 tonnes of earth from near the fence with the road and built a partly-sunken bungalow in the resulting hole, forming a screening mound around it.

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  1. The concern proves valid when a "lesbian" contestant fools around with a man and another woman, showing viewers much to my delight that even static sexuality can be fluid in the monosexual community, let alone when the cameras are rolling.