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Challenged at the Shiloh, Illinois Elementary School library [2006].

A committee of school employees and a parents suggested that the book be moved to a separate shelf, requiring parent permission before checkout.

(Suspended from a Crook County High School classroom in Prineville, Oregon in 2008 after a parent complained that it was offensive.

The New York Times bestseller and a National Book Award winner will remain out of the classroom until the school district can revamp its policies.

The student and mother have threatened to file a civil-rights complaint because of alleged racial treatment, the segregation of the student, and the use of a racial slur in the classroom.

Challenged as required reading at Cactus High in Peoria, Arizona [2006].

The school's superintendent, however, rejected the proposal and the book remained on the library shelf.

Pulled from four elementary school libraries in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina [2006] after a few parents and Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James questioned the controversial but true story.

Retained on the summer reading list at Antioch, Illinois High School [2009] despite objections from several parents who found its language vulgar and racist.

In response to concerns, however, the district will form a committee each March to review future summer reading assignments.

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The books were returned after the local paper questioned the ban.

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