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"- Ratna (name changed), 31, Mumbai "Do not have scary selfies on your profile. Yet, I've been recommending it to everyone, just for the sheer joy of rejecting men."- Ratna "I left Tinder after a couple of months because it got really boring.

It makes it seem like you don't have friends to take pictures of you. I lost interest talking to two-three men at the same time, answering the same questions — 'What do you do? ' As far as my experience goes, it was very mechanical.

The problem is with the people who sign up on Tinder.

Malay daily Harian Metro said the camp was organised by the Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM).

APM said it is suspending all such boot camps for students to investigate whether this one had violated the standard operating procedures (SOP).

Most of them wore gloves and masks as a safety precaution after prosecutors warned the VX-tainted items may still be dangerous.

PETALING JAYA: A video depicting several primary school girls being thrown into a pit filled with muddy water and snakes has infuriated many, including the Parent Action Group for Education (PAGE).

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  1. I believe married couples, especially newly weds, should spend as much time as possible naked together, just doing normal things, and getting accustomed to each other's bodies.

  2. Here's what I do know: If I was dating someone, I would NOT be satisfied spending "quality time" with him every other weekend. That would be the only way to truly get to know him and develop a relationship and I don't believe it's different for the parent-child relationship. Here's what I don't want: a crazy ex-wife who makes my life a living hell, kids who resent me for being with their father (and therefore taking time, money and attention away from them), a husband who can't say 'no' because of the guilt he feels for the marriage not working out... And I totally understand that these are in no way a "given" or absolute.