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This is our charism, adoring the living God in silence and solitude in the tradition of St. We’re serious about our call, serving the Church in the way we do. Abouna Jonathan: We want as many men as the Holy Spirit will bring us. We then finish our work, have recreation and night prayer. CWR: What are some of the differences between a Maronite liturgy and the Latin Rite Mass?But it is not our own doing; we’re continuing the life that St. We hope one day to grow to include 18 to 20 monks, which is about the maximum size to which I think we can grow. Abouna Jonathan: One of the most notable would be the language.CWR: How do you think the monks will bring religion to this unchurched region of the country?Abouna Jonathan: The same way the early Church brought the faith to the world: by the power of God.Plus much more, we’ve been working on this for over a year and we are launching in January!Contribute now and get big discounts for yourself or your business :)!

Since we’ve arrived, the people of Castle Rock have been most welcoming.The Maronite Monks of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, a new monastic order of the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles, have purchased 65 acres of land in Castle Rock in the Southwestern region of the State of Washington.The Eastern rite eparchy (diocese) serves 50,000 registered Maronite Catholics (and many more unregistered) in 42 churches and missions the western United States, is under the authority of Bishop Elias Zaidan and is in union with Rome.S., the Maronite Church has faced challenges concerning its freedom and autonomy, its relation with the mother church in Lebanon, priestly vocations, and its relationships with other churches, especially Latin Catholicism.Catholic Dating enhanced with Geolocation on our new social media platform!!

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