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The sites use dynamic loading (the owner claims he has set up 1 year caching), and hotlink images. Many registrations use whois cloaking AT, 1BX. INFO AT, emule2005 AT (whois admin), jinhui AT (whois), generalmanager AT (private registration), abuse AT (DNS) (UTC)Received email from generalmanager AT saying "In this particular instance, we have contacted our customer and requested that they contact you by February 7, 2007 to resolve this situation.Please confirm at that time that our customer has made this step.The vast majority of content on the site is copyrighted by wikipedia authors, and licensed to Absolute Astronomy under certain terms (GFDL I guess?), which include the right for others to 'publish, modify, and transmit' the content of the site. Decora , (UTC) I have no idea whether they often crib from us, but the last paragraph of the cited sample page on "Archival Investigations: Early Electro-mechanical Sound Works and Artifacts from Trimpin’s First Five Years in Seattle" is a straight-out copy of the first two paragraphs of our article on Trimpin - Jmabel Only contains top edit in article history, looks to be a mirror of the WP database as of June 23, 2005.He replied stating, "But I do say all of those things on the bottom".I replied noting that the requirements had changed due to the licensing transition, and KForge (which I cited) is CC-BY-SA only.

The articles are available under the GNU Free Documentation License." The GFDL is linked and locally hosted, and the URL of the exact version of the article history used is given to help identify authors.

There may be no future issues, but the listing here can be helpful in case the problem recurs.

It is particularly important to document these issues in the event that they should continue and should become less obvious, to avoid our contributors being unfairly accused of copyright infringement.

COM :: 100170"; this is probably necessary for followups.

Superm401 - Talk , 2 February 2007 (UTC) I just checked the first five URLs and they are all dead (mostly with the usual "search" page that domain registrars tend to put up when a domain expires).

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Other pages besides "Sharon Tate" appear to be a partial derivation of older wikipedia articles, or, just possibly, some text from them has been uploaded to wikipedia, as I have found exact word for word passages in Jay Sebring and Charles Manson from around 2004 November 8 or later.

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