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You would typically use this to create a default Config Obj and then merge in user settings.This way users only need to specify values that are different from the default.The number of square brackets represents the nesting level of the sub-section.

The validate method uses the validate module to do the validation.

It allows an easy way of implementing optional values.

Simply check (and ignore) members that are set to If a Config Obj instance was loaded from the filesystem, then this method will reload it.

This preserves basic Python data-types when read back in. Both keyword and value can optionally be surrounded in quotes. Values can have comments on the lines above them, and an inline comment after them. Quotes are not necessary if whitespace is surrounded by non-whitespace. An empty list is shown by a single comma: Values that contain line breaks (multi-line values) can be surrounded by triple quotes.

These can also be used if a value contains both types of quotes.

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List members cannot be surrounded by triple quotes: keyword1 = ''' A multi line value on several lines''' # with a comment keyword2 = '''I won't be "afraid".''' # keyword3 = """ A multi line value on several lines""" # with a comment keyword4 = """I won't be "afraid".""" A line that starts with a '#', possibly preceded by whitespace, is a comment. The name can be quoted with single or double quotes.

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