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From our own experience - and we've all been on a hen or stag party ourselves - it's a bit daft to bring a group of friends who want to chat, catch-up and get hammered to a place where they are expected to sit quietly and watch a show.Maybe a comedy club is not the best way to celebrate your impending nuptials, but if you really want to we suggest you try Highlight (formerly Jongleurs), where the audience are more free to chat among themselves.Please don't try to get round this policy by booking separately - hen or stag parties will be refused admission and we'd all rather avoid this embarrassment on the door.

We'd love to welcome you here some other time when you're not mashing your liver in celebration of your best mate getting hitched.Please note that while all media gallery content is provided by verified members of the event, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society does not review or approve this content before it is posted.Reports of inappropriate content or copyright infringement can be directed to [email protected] The source material is so amazing and the stories that these guys tell are incredible, but the direction is honestly shockingly bad. I can't wait to give you big juicy tit wank and let you spurt your load all over my huge tits. Listen to me masturbating and cumming while i play with myself.

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  1. Like if the teacher was 20 and the student was like 15, sure, I don't really care about the huge gap between ages or anything, but if one of them is 9 years old, it doesn't work. Once they get to be 13 or something, then it's okay to ship them with other people. Otherwise, age difference doesn't bother me unless the people are like 50 years apart, then it gets creepy.