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Some of it may be of interest to you, some not, but act like you are interested.

Think of the effort they have made to tell you things that are important to them and show some interest in what they are saying. This shows total lack of interest and disrespect to the conversation.

If you find yourself in the middle of this conversation I suggest you moonwalk out the bar and get a taxi home.

The relationship between you two will start off in the best possible way if you are totally honest with your date. You should always be proud of expressing exactly who you are and what you stand for and if it doesn’t sit well with them then you know that they aren’t the right person for you.

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When time is limited and you are dealing with everyday stresses it’s hard to put your dating cap on and be on your top form, that’s why when you do get the chance you’ve got to make sure you make an impression as it may be your only chance to impress Mr. Behold my friends……the 15 do’s and don’ts when dating.

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