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This is hard work, requires good observing conditions, and the data reduction is something known to make graduate students (including myself) want to throw things.

The results are worth it, but it can take as long to acquire and reduce the data as it does to measure the elements in the data.

When trying to date a star, many websites state the problem is often best to approached with sweet words, lots of bling, and paparazzi repellent.

A stint in the right rehab facility might increase your odds of success, and playing sports professionally has also worked for many individuals.

The show, however, was nothing compared to the past dating experiences that the stars let uk in on at the launch party.

We asked the collective to recall the worst and weirdest dates in their backlog, and they did not let us down.

Pussy Cat Doll, and all round babe 32-year-old Melody Thornton shared quite the experience with us, one of which, will definitely not be forgotten anytime soon. I went out with this guy, he asked me out, nobody ever asks me out.’ She added: ‘He asked me up to his condo because I needed the bathroom, I walk back out and he was hot and ready for me.

Called nucleo-chronometry, this process first asks “In what ratio where all the elements in this star formed?

They were able to determine age estimations using 7 different atomic ratios.

Having done my own painful share of isotopic measurements, my hat is totally off to these guys for this clean bit of science.

Only one element is required to get a rough estimate of how old a star is – in fact carbon dating uses just the element Carbon-14 to measure the age of old organic materials – but more reliable results come from looking at more then one element.

This technique was recently used to identify a star likely from about the first generation of low mass stars, that was born roughly 13.2 billion years.

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