Dating workaholic man

Maybe your next approach is an "e-card" to this man telling him that you enjoy his company, and would like for him to pick a day during the week that you two could meet for dinner at your place, and then leave it up to him.If he does not respond, you have your answer.....if he does respond but does not follow through, you have your answer also.It's also why they don't always delegate well - because that means releasing the control to another.My point is that if you are already stressed about him not being available on one occasion due to work, and putting pressure on him, you will be adding to his load, not lightening it.Do you think you are going to be so special that he no longer wants to spend that time working and spend it with you? When this is a core part of who someone is, it can't just be switched off.

Starting to get to know this guy there is no other problem than his working hours and I genuinely feel that he is really interested in me and wants to date me.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I've always been a workaholic too so I can understand this man's POV.

For me, it's better since I've been out of the corporate world as that just seemed to fuel my need for driving myself so hard.

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