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"We just have a bunch of mutual friends so it was fun."Questions arose about Chrisley and Tebow's relationship after the television personality, who appears on USA Network with her family, took to Instagram to post an image with Tebow at a Sam Hunt concert earlier this month."What a great night last night!! Chrisley explained that she and Tebow had mutual friends who went to the Sam Hunt concert where the picture was taken."One picture and everything gets started.

We were all in a room with a bunch of mutual friends [at a] Sam Hunt concert so it was fun," she said.

As a Hollywood star, she won an Oscar nomination for a role that broke racial taboos of the day — a black girl passing for white.

The winsome beauty who specialized in frothy comedies in the 1940s and whose career was capped by her starring role in the controversial Elia Kazan classic “Pinky,” died Sunday. Crain died of a heart attack at her Santa Barbara home, according to her son, Paul Brinkman Jr.

12/14/03 - Jeanne Crain - (AP) - LOS ANGELES - Jeanne Crain credited her mother for bringing her up in a household free of prejudice.For faraway GI’s she seemed the ideal girl back home.At 20th Century-Fox studio, her fan mail was second only to that of pin-up queen Betty Grable."She was considered a great beauty who was also a serious and dedicated actor who didn't pay attention to being glamorous," Murray said.Murray said her looks even intimidated Marilyn Monroe, who wanted Lange's naturally blonde hair dyed light brown in their 1956 film "Bus Stop." "Marilyn complained about sharing the screen with another blonde," said Murray, who also starred in the movie.

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