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Recently I found out that Dan had received some stick from some of his mates for dating a Goth girl, one of them asking, "Aren’t Goths dirty?

" (Don’t ask me if that’s dirty as in kinky or dirty as in unwashed.

tonyjames: The best advice to give you is to take a moment and realize that goth girls are people, not "goth girl entities from a different world".

You can't give general advice about dating goth girls any more than you can about dating non-goth girls. So really, treat everyone like an equal and you're getting there.

When in college, some of his friends were also interested in Goth; however, he also got involved in one or two arguments after overhearing people making unpleasant statements about Goths.

Thank You Tony To answer your questuions: 1 - Since I don't know every goth girl alive and nor does anyone else, I don't think anyone can answer that. Go on youtube and look those bands up, they will lead you to more bands of a similar variety, and probably some of the "offshoots" musically speaking.

Knowing about the music will if nothing else show to any goth ladies who interest you, that you have a basic knowledge of the sort of music the whole subculture is based around, and are not simply ogling the clothing and outward appearance .

If you end up with a goth you will end up listening to that kind of music at some point on nights out or at home , so even if it's not your cup of tea you will have to learn to put up with it in some way ( and vice versa ) I say this because while nights out are not the be all and end all, you are going to BOTH have to learn to accomodate each other's tastes in music, clothing, film, culture, friends ect.

I can think of several, none of which pertain to her being goth.

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