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Production values are slick and stylish and the setting and scenery looks beautiful.The music has energy and has presence but also not making the mistake of over-scoring, while it is hard to forget or resist the theme tune.Much better than last season's season opener "Murder in Milan" (one of my least favourite ' Murder She Wrote' episodes and the weakest of the season openers).It's far from a ' Murder She Wrote' high-point and there's far better in the season, but it is a long way from being one of the show's worst episodes and there's worse in the season too.Even though the merger talks look like a dead-end, the sumptuous 110th Dunbars anniversary banquet goes on with the Kuans for appearances sake, serving a century egg- which kills Brian by cyanide concentrate, some of which is...Have always been quite fond of ' Murder She Wrote'.

Having been expelled from her first two schools she's bound to stir some trouble. See full summary » Rebecca has a very unusual secret, one that not even her best friends know about.

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Jessica Fletcher has finally accepted House of Dunbar tycoon Brian's wife Emma Soon Dunbar's invitation to visit Hong Kong; while she's admiring Burmese jade, her host gets kidnapped, asking a 0,000 cash ransom. Mc Laughlin suggests the ransom will probably be quickly paid and insure a release, it's almost routine in the last years before the PRC's takeover, and so it happens.

Mystery-wise, "A Death in Hong Kong" is decent without being exceptional.

It's not a dull one and it's neither simplistic or confusing, silly at times and some parts are better explored than others.

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