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Women had grown tired of the fashion restrictions through the war and Dior was their answer.

His influence completely changed the silhouette from the broad shoulder, short skirted, military-influenced look to a soft, romantic hourglass shape – with much more fabric used.

Everyone was encouraged to restyle, refashion, and repair the items they already possessed.

You will find many similarities in fashion between the late 1930s and the early 1940s, as fashion was not necessarily a top priority during the war years.

The silhouette was generally the same in the early forties, though emphasis on a strong shoulder became more prevalent.

Shoulder pads were very common in garments from suits to dresses and blouses.

Printed fabrics were very common in the handmade clothing of the era, with florals being highly favoured.

In manufactured goods however, prints were not nearly as common.

Due to this, homemade clothing was as popular as it was in during the 1930s.Rationing was the idea that cutting back on the consumption of certain goods and supplies would help provide as many materials (raw or otherwise) to the war effort as possible.Many factories that had been producing goods for public consumption had to switch to producing products supplies for the war.(via Adored Vintage) The second World War affected just about every household during the forties.Everyone was encouraged to support the war effort in any way they could, and most often this meant through rationing.

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