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And that's been proven considering the fact that she's been sixteen since 2004. (Miku's voice needs to become a lot lower for them to sound good together. Something feels strange of off to me when I see people saying(for example) "I think Rana and Kaiko go together! Neru x Len People probably ship them cause their both yellowish which is a stupid reason but this is a good ship compared to a lot of the vocaloid pairings. They are even considered twins in some of their songs. And I sort of said this before, but Neru is supposed to be roughly seventeen (a year older than Miku) and Len is fourteen. But Neru is 17 and a tsundere, while Len is 14 and super energetic (and sometimes perverted butseriouslywhocaresamiright? Weren't Rin and Len supposed to be each other's counterparts? And of course there was "Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat Life" which literally broke the kawaii scale. Their voices blend nicely and they look like sweet budding lovers together.

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When you’ve satisfied yourself that someone is genuine the important question is if they’d like to meet with you.

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If a site has Certified Metrics instead of estimated, that means its owner has installed code allowing us to directly measure their traffic.

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Dit kan doormiddel van het starten van een privegesprek met de persoon die je wil spreken. Voeg deze dan toe als vriend om in het vervolg direct met hem of haar een privegesprek te starten!

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I knew I was better off finding someone online, it fits my busy lifestyle, so I joined Naughty Adults and met Sue. Sue and I are having a great time I feel cool that I met her on Naughty uk.