Configuration options for updating operating system

Keep in mind, however, that you also lose all configuration settings from your previous installation.

In addition, required applications on the legacy server need to be reinstalled after the installation of the new operating system is complete.

There is no longer a feature difference between the editions, only a difference in support for hardware and guest virtual machines (VMs). For a full list of Windows Server 2012 features and functionality, see Chapter 1, “Windows Server 2012 Technology Primer,” which covers the editions in depth.

If you have an existing Windows environment, you might need to perform a new installation or upgrade an existing server. The next two sections outline the benefits for each.

How well you plan these steps will determine how successful your installation is because many of these decisions cannot be changed after the installation is complete.

Whether you are installing Windows Server 2012 in a lab or production environment, you need to ensure that the hardware chosen meets the minimum system requirements.

Time Machine will do this automatically as long as it’s setup and the backup drive is available.

If you decide to turn the automatic update setting off, you’ll want to get in the habit of manually checking for available updates once a week or so in order to not fall behind on critical security updates, app updates, and Mac OS X updates.This chapter describes the step-by-step process to install a clean version of the Windows Server 2012 operating system, upgrade an existing system to Windows Server 2012, and, finally, install a Windows Server 2012 Server Core edition.Even though the installation process is intuitive and has been simplified, an administrator must make several key decisions to ensure that the completed installation will meet the needs of the organization.NOTE When designing and selecting the system specifications for a new server solution, even the optimal system requirements recommendations from Microsoft might not suffice.It is a best practice to assess the server specifications of the planned server role while taking the load during the time of deployment and future growth into consideration.

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