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- Classic platforming gameplay, in the vein of Megaman, Metroid, and so many other great games!

- A wide variety of enemy designs, including humans, demons, tentacles, robots, and many more, as well as a whole host of fetishes!

- 50 powerups that you can mix and match, holding up to 3 at a time!

- Fully voiced characters, by professional voice actresses!

Type: Change the type of the animation, this can changed during the creation so you can mix aggressive/normal animations The default duration is also affected by this, see the durations for each stage and each types in Sex Lab's MCM The animation will inherit of the "Aggressive" and "Default Aggressive" tags if the option is set to "Aggressive type" on registration Number of actors: Use to determine how many actor will be part of the custom animation (up to 5) Filter: Use a filter to sort the animations when you set a stage. If you enter "Arrok" only Arrok animations will be displayed in the animation list.

but Damn this amazing in so many different ways, heck if you made a version without sex scenes It still would be one of the best flash games I've played in a while. but apart from that I wish you luck and if I could I would donate but alas I don't have the money.

My only gripe is that you don't have directional aiming as some enemies A.

- 25 enemies, each with TWO H-Animations per enemy, for a total of 50 animations in-game (and possibly more depending on your progress in-game and choices in cutscenes!

) - 50 optional interactive cutscenes (10 per stage) with multiple choices per cutscene that alter the storyline of the game depending on the order you interact with them in!

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