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However Under the circumstances I don't see how I can refuse her. Saturday 30 April 2016 Those of you I have been in contact with may be aware that I am a staunch advocate of the benefits of social nudity.

In some ways marriage does not seem to have progressed much since the middle ages with the wife viewed as the sexual property of her husband.My new year's resolution is to do better and now that some of the problems of the last year I behind me I will do my best to bring everyone up to speed with developments.We also welcome our new web designer Roger to the team.Saturday 16 April 2016 Way back in the middle ages the term "cuckold" was one of the worst insults that could be flung at a man.Many men, especially politicians and petty officials, were called cuckolds despite having completely faithful wives, it was a general purpose insult that implied a man was lacking in competence in all areas and generally ridiculous.

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