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The best advice, the advice that worked, and stayed with me for years is all really about mindfulness, presence and non-attachment.(Even though none of it came from Buddhists, and I wasn’t a Buddhist when I received most of it).More months, in fact, than the duration of the actual relationship.

He never got up the nerve to get past the nervous joking stage. When you’re lucky enough to have a soft, purring kitten on your lap, remember that you can love it without having to name it, own it or squeeze it to death. We made friends with a house full of college students.One of them, Joe, was madly in love with someone his entire senior year. ~ with Love, Women Everywhere The Best Marriage Advice from a Divorced Man. She had had several long-term relationships, and lots of dates.She said this: “I always tried to keep it light and breezy.” For me, this idea was revolutionary.

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Sometimes, as hard and sad and lonely as it is, a person just doesn’t want anything from you.

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