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All the while, he has been kept company by a series of stuffed animal raccoons—the latest of whom he named Marco Polo.

While these kinds of anecdotes became the centerpiece of his application for the show, Grosslight said he had never quite thought of himself as a nerd before being approached in Café Pamplona.

The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.

14, the day of his students’ final exam—which, as an exception, he did not grade—Grosslight said he was flown to California and sequestered in a hotel for the final stages of competition.

The film opens to a three-minute-long account of the role of Pac-Man in Grosslight’s life.

GEEKILY EVER AFTEREventually Grosslight realized that the time commitment of his new pursuit was starting to take a toll on his work as a teaching fellow for History of Science and a course assistant for Math Xa—so he e-mailed his advisers to inform them that he might fall slightly behind in his work.

“My adviser sent me an e-mail saying: ‘THIS IS AMAZING’ with about 12 exclamation marks,” Grosslight said.

Another associate responded, “As if dealing with you every day isn’t like being on a reality TV show anyway.” As the next few months played out, Grosslight kept his students updated on his progress.

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“It was pretty funny to see how he tried to calculate the mathematics and probability of him trying to get on the show,” said Vikas V.

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